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Welcome to this site of my first collection of 65 illustrations with short fables!

This first collection is intended to bring healthy smiles, giggles, bursting laughters emanating from the world of fragrances, adventures, romances, warm human hearts, paradise and hell on earth, etc., as well as motivations towards the possibilities of a positive and optimistic future with unlimited potentials, to the world otherwise negative and pessimistic in general. Furthermore, another wish would be to deliver at the same time some truth and certain enlightenment to dear international audiences. My ultimate wish is to eliminate poverty, the mother of most of the evils, and cover our planet, Earth, with absolute peace and universal happiness, thus creating there a utopia!


Long live the wisdom of humanity!














My second collection of 16 illustrations with short fables Nos. 66-81


Welcome to the website of my second collection on the themes of fragrances, flavors (oral hygiene), elderly people and animals.

img248 2nd collection 英


My third collection of 16 illustrations with short fables Nos. 82-97


Welcome to the site of my peaceful world of fragrant and flavorful fantasy,featuring New York, Paris, Tokyo, kimono and lovable cats, among others.





My fourth collection of ten (10) illustrations Nos. 98-107


Most likely this is my last collection within the fragrance and flavor industry. My future illustrations, if any, will be consecrated to the themes of war, peace and, ultimately, utopia.



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